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The 18 Dragon Subduing Palms was, along with the Dog-Beating Stick the top art of the Beggars' Sect.

Dragon PalmsEdit

The Dragon Palms were discribed as being the most yang and the hardest palm style of its time. It was shown to be one of the fiercest palms in existence. Guo Jing would later improve the palms by adding soft style variations derived from the theories of the Jiu Yin Zhen Jing.

18 PalmsEdit

Listed below are the 18 palms of the 18 Dragon Subduing Palm:

  1. 亢龍有悔 / 亢龙有悔
  2. 飛龍在天 / 飞龙在天
  3. 龍戰於野 / 龙战于野
  4. 潛龍勿用 / 潜龙勿用
  5. 利涉大川 / 利涉大川
  6. 鴻漸於陸 / 鸿渐于陆
  7. 突如其來 / 突如其来
  8. 震驚百里 / 震惊百里
  9. 或躍在淵 / 或跃在渊
  10. 神龍擺尾 / 神龙摆尾
  11. 見龍在田 / 见龙在田
  12. 雙龍取水 / 双龙取水
  13. 魚躍於淵 / 鱼跃于渊
  14. 時乘六龍 / 时乘六龙
  15. 密雲不雨 / 密云不雨
  16. 損則有孚 / 损则有孚
  17. 履霜冰至 / 履霜冰至
  18. 羝羊觸藩 / 羝羊触藩

Known PractitionersEdit

There quite of few users of the 18 Dragon Subduing Palms in Jin Yong's stories.

In the third edition of Jin Yong's novels, the first known user would be Xiao Feng, who along with Xu Zhu adapted the 28 Dragon Subduing Palms into the 18 Dragon Subduing Palms by removing 10 of the redundant palms and putting in the useful portions of the omitted palms into the remaining 18.

Afterwards, there is a gap of about 100 years in the timeline until we see that next known practitioner, North Beggar Hong Qigong, the 18th leader of the Beggar Sect. Hong Qigong would later teach the 18 Dragon Subduing Palms to his student Guo Jing, who combined theories within the Jiu Yin Zhen Jing with those in the Dragon Subduing Palms, to add softness into them, adding more variations. Guo Jing would also adapt thirteen different power levels into Dragon Palms, increasing the efficiency of the palms greatly.

Guo Jing is believed to have taught portions of the Dragon Subduing Palms to his students the Wu Brothers, but it is believed they did not learn the full set.

The next practitioner of the full set is believed to be Yelu Qi, the son-in-law of Guo Jing, and 20th Beggars' Sect leader. Yelu Qi's proficiency in the Dragon Subduing Palms was never mentioned, but he is believed to have mastered it.

The last known user was Shi Huolong, who had managed to learn 12 palms before dying. There doesn't seem to have been anymore practitioners afterwards. Until the Wong brothers of the Dragon Tiger Sect once again brought the full art back to awareness for the 21st century. It should also be noted that the Chief's daughter from the Chan Long Chui clan possessed the last known copy since the Wong brothers'.

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