English Book and Sword: Gratitude and Revenge

The Book and The Sword

Traditional Chinese 书剑恩仇录
Simplified Chinese 書劍恩仇録
pinyin Shu Jian En Chou Lu
Vietnamese Thư Kiếm Ân Cừu Lục

Book and Sword: Gratitude and Revenge was Wuxia Writer Jin Yong's first novel. Written in 1955, it was originally published in The New Evening Post newspaper.

Synopsis Edit

Set in the Qing Dynasty, the story takes place in China during the reign of the Emperor Qianlong. The story follows the Red Flower Society, whose members are determined to overthrow the Qing. We join the group as they repeatedly fail to free their fourth brother, Wen Tailai, who is being escorted to the capital under heavy guard. Wen Tailai happens to know a deadly secret, that the Emperor Qianlong was actually born to a Han family, but was swapped with a Manchu baby girl. The newly elected leader of the society, Chen Jialuo discovers this secret himself later on and hopes to convince Qianlong to drive out the Manchus. What Chen Jialuo doesn't know however, is that the origin of the Emperor is greatly related to his selection as the leader of the Red Flower Society...

Chapters Edit

In the 3rd edition of the novel, there are twenty chapters, which are listed below listed Simplified Chinese.

  1. 第一回 古道腾驹惊白发 危峦快剑识青翎
  2. 第二回 金风野店书生笛 铁胆荒庄侠士心
  3. 第三回 避祸英雄悲失路 寻仇好汉误交兵
  4. 第四回 置酒弄丸招薄怒 还书贻剑种深情
  5. 第五回 乌鞘岭口拚鬼侠 赤套渡头扼官军
  6. 第六回 有情有义怜难侣 无法无天振饥民
  7. 第七回 琴音朗朗闻雁落 剑气沉沉作龙吟
  8. 第八回 千军岳峙围千顷 万马潮汹动万乘
  9. 第九回 虎穴轻身开铁铐 狮峰重气掷金针
  10. 第十回 烟腾火炽走豪侠 粉腻脂香羁至尊
  11. 第十一回 高塔入云盟九鼎 快招如电显双鹰
  12. 第十二回 盈盈彩烛三生约 霍霍青霜万里行
  13. 第十三回 吐气扬眉雷掌疾 惊才绝艳雪莲馨
  14. 第十四回 蜜意柔情锦带舞 长枪大戟铁弓鸣
  15. 第十五回 奇谋破敌将军苦 儿戏降魔玉女□
  16. 第十六回 我见犹怜二老意 谁能遣此双姝情
  17. 第十七回 为民除害方称侠 抗暴蒙污不愧贞
  18. 第十八回 驱驴有术居奇货 除恶无方从佳人
  19. 第十九回 心伤殿隅星初落 魂断城头日已昏
  20. 第二十回 忍见红颜堕火窟 空余碧血葬香魂



Red Flower SocietyEdit

The Leader Chen Jialuo

2nd Brother Wu Chen (one-armed Taoist priest)

3rd Brother Zhao Banshan

4th Brother Wen Tailai

5th and 6th Brothers "Hei WuChang, Bai WuChang (twins)"

7th Brother "Wu Zhu Ge" Xu TianHong

8th Brother "Tie Ta" Yang Xie

9th Brother "Jiu Ming Jin Bao Zi" Wei ChunHua

10th Brother Zhang Jin

11th Sister and wife of Wen Tailai Luo Bing

12th Brother "Gui Jian Chou" Shi ShuangYing

13th Brother Jiang Si Gen

14th Brother "Jin Di Xiu Cai" Yu Yutong


Huo Qingtong

Princess Fragrance


Emperor Qianlong

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