The Holy Flame Tablets (聖火令) are sacred artefacts of the Ming Cult and have a series of martial arts instructions engraved on them in Persian. These extremely powerful skills were allegedly created by Hassan-i Sabbah. After the Chinese Ming Cult lost the six tablets, the Persians retrieved them and mastered the skills. Zhang Wuji manages to seize the tablets from the three Persian messengers and masters the skills after Xiaozhao translates the text for him. The skills complement the 'Heaven and Earth Great Shift'. By mastering these skills, Zhang Wuji can use the Shift in a more powerful and efficient manner, which he eventually uses to overcome the Persians. However, the skills have varying degrees of success when Zhang Wuji uses them on his opponents. For instance, the perverse and hideous nature of these skills (originally designed for Hashashin suicide attacks) almost cause him to experience a nervous breakdown when he is attempting to break the 'Vajra Evil Subduing Ring' of the three Shaolin masters. He recovers only after hearing his godfather chanting the Diamond Sutra, which helps to counter the repressing effect of the ring.