Ke Zhen'eEdit

"Flying Bat" Ke Zhen'e is the oldest of the seven. Despite being blind, he is good at highly skilled in staff fighting and dart-throwing, and also good at fighting people at night. He was the only one Freak that survived. Later, he lives with the Guos and is respected as an elder in the family. Despite holding a grudge against Yang Guo's father for the deaths of his fellows, he treats the boy like the rest of the Guo children. Years later, he relates the story of Yang Kang to Yang Guo at the Temple of the Iron Spear. He admires Yang Guo for his chivalry, and is also grateful to Yang for saving his life from Sha Tongtian and company. He forgives Yang Guo's father and promises to help Yang reconstruct his father's tomb.

Zhu CongEdit

"The Marvelous-Handed Scholar" Zhu Cong is the second of the seven. He is good at acupuncture and fan fighting, and also specializes in thieving and pickpocketing. He was killed by Ouyang Feng.

Han BaojuEdit

Nicknamed "Horse Deity", Han Baoju specializes in horse-riding and whip fighting. He was killed by Yang Kang.

Nan XirenEdit

Nan Xiren, nicknamed "Southern Hill Woodcutter", is a shy individual. He is good at palm and pole fighting. He was killed by Ouyang Feng's snake.

Zhang AshengEdit

"Laughing Buddha" Zhang Asheng is a fat and strong man. He was slain by Chen Xuanfeng.

Quan JinfaEdit

"Hidden Hero in the Busy City" Quan Jinfa is skilled in Maths. He also specializes in spear and lance. He was slain by Ouyang Feng and Yang Kang

Han XiaoyingEdit

"Yue Maiden Sword" Han Xiaoying is the lover of Zhang Asheng and is skilled in sword fighting. She was slain by Ouyang Feng and Yang Kang